Discussion Paper: Feminist Sport Policy

Jan 31, 2023

Sport governing bodies on all levels are facing major challenges, for instance, the lack of volunteers, abuses of power and an alarming scale of interpersonal violence. In many of these cases, proactive, determined and progressive action proved to play a crucial role in building resilience and finding successful problem-solving strategies. Equaletics e.V. believe that feminist thinking can guide sport organisations the way from reiterating longstanding values to truly fulfilling social responsibility.

Feminist sport policy as a notion and concept is intended to be an impetus and thus to enrich the discourse not only theoretically but also in practice. Equaletics e.V. believe that, in future, all sport organisations should provide respectful, caring and welcoming spaces for everyone, no matter if they are non-binary swimmers, Black female footballers or male homosexual athletes.

Based on a broad understanding of feminism and the current challenges facing sport policy, Equaletics e.V. developed new guiding principles outlining sport as a safe, discrimination- and barrier-free place for self-determined and equal participation. This paradigm shift requires a radical redistribution of rights, representation and resources. As part of this major reform, Equaletics demands (1) a strong commitment to feminist goals in (club or association) statutes, (2) a self-critical analysis followed by the elimination of all grievances, (3) an intersectional feminist and public welfare orientation guiding public investment in sports, and (4) to realise and recognise these reforms as a collective task.

For further details, please download and read the discussion paper below.

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